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Bitewing X-Rays an Important Tool in Early Tooth Decay Detection

September 21,2019

It’s difficult to measure how x-ray imaging has transformed dentistry since its use became prominent a half century ago. As equipment and methods standardized, the technology revolutionized the way we diagnose tooth decay and other mouth-related issues. One of the more useful of these methods is called the bitewing x-ray. The term comes from the […]


Cone Beam X-Rays can Improve Outcomes in Many Dental Situations

September 11,2019

For decades, dental x-rays have helped us accurately diagnose and treat a wide array of dental diseases and conditions. But even with recent advances in digital imaging, the traditional x-ray does have one drawback: its two-dimensional view doesn’t always provide the “big picture” that a three-dimensional viewpoint can provide. But a new type of x-ray […]


Contrary to Popular Opinion, Vaping May Not Be Safer Than Smoking

September 1,2019

If you think “vaping” electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes for short) is healthier for your teeth and gums than smoking cigarettes, you might be disappointed with the latest research. A number of studies seem to indicate e-cigarettes could be just as damaging to your mouth as traditional cigarettes. An e-cigarette is a device containing a chamber for […]


A 4-Step Process for Achieving Your Highest Oral Health Possible

August 22,2019

You know the basics for a healthy mouth: daily oral hygiene and regular dental checkups. But there are other elements unique to you that also factor into your oral care: the mouth and facial structure you inherited from your parents (like a poor bite) and your past history with dental disease. Both of these help […]


3 Things to do to Prepare for Dental Emergencies While Traveling Abroad

August 12,2019

Vacationing abroad can be the trip of a lifetime — or a nightmare if you have a medical or dental emergency while traveling. Dental care in many locations around the world can be limited, expensive or even dangerous. Here are 3 important things you should to do to prepare for a possible dental emergency during […]


That Toothache Might Not Be From Your Tooth: The Problem of Referred Pain

August 2,2019

Pain is the body’s warning system: It tells us something is wrong. And depending on the location and intensity of the pain, it can give us vital clues about the problem. Sometimes, though, it’s not so clear and direct—the pain could arise from any number of sources. Toothaches often fall into this category: Although it’s […]


4 Signs Your Child May Have a Poor Bite

July 23,2019

Although tooth decay is a major problem to watch for in your child’s teeth, it isn’t the only one. As their teeth transition from primary (“baby”) to permanent, you should also be on the lookout for a developing poor bite or malocclusion. Although the signs can be subtle, you may be able to detect an emerging […]


To Extract or not Extract? The Big Decision About Your Child’s Wisdom Teeth

July 13,2019

Your child’s permanent teeth come in gradually, starting just as they begin losing their primary (“baby”) teeth and not ending until late adolescence or early adulthood. That’s when the third molars or “wisdom teeth” close out the process. Because of their late arrival, wisdom teeth have a high potential for dental problems. With a greater […]


3 Ways to Protect Your Teeth in the Great Outdoors

July 3,2019

It’s July—and that means it’s National Park and Recreation Month! If you’re like a lot of families, you might already be planning a trip to one of the nation’s 58 national parks, or one of the thousands of state outdoor recreational areas across the country. Temporarily escaping the stresses of daily life in the great […]


Follow These Common Sense Steps When Your Child has a Toothache

June 23,2019

A child’s toothache is no fun for either the child or the parent. But if you’re faced with this situation, don’t panic — unless they have a fever or you notice facial swelling, it’s unlikely an emergency. Instead, take the following steps: Find out where it hurts and for how long. Tooth pain can stem […]


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