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What to expect at your free consultation

The initial appointment is for a preliminary clinical examination. At this time Dr. Ghosh or Dr. Lofgren will do a thorough examination to determine if there is a need for orthodontic services and if so, give you a general idea of the orthodontic problem. We will explain the procedure for diagnostic study aids (records) and conferences. Diagnostic records, such as photographs and X-rays may be taken at this appointment. Orthodontic treatment will be explained to you and your questions will be fully answered by the doctor and his treatment coordinator.

We understand that some children (and some adults as well) have a high degree of anxiety or fear of the dentist. We want to assure you that we will do everything possible to make this appointment as relaxing and fun as possible. Nothing we do at this appointment will hurt. Coming to the orthodontist should be a great experience! Patients always comment on the ease and low-stress nature of this appointment.

The usual duration for this orthodontic appointment is one hour. This is a FREE orthodontic consultation and there is no fee due at this appointment.

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Diagnostic records & treatment planning

After your initial exam, if it is determined that orthodontic treatment is necessary, a full set of diagnostic records will be taken. This includes x-rays, photographs of the face and teeth and orthodontic models of the teeth. All records are done in-house; you do not have to go elsewhere for any procedure. Your records will then be studied by the orthodontist and a treatment plan will be designed specifically for you. We will do our best to explain all aspects of the treatment, what’s going to happen and why. We want you to feel comfortable about your treatment and will provide you with the information and encouragement you need to provide you with a great smile for years to come.

We will work closely with your family dentist to ensure that we can together create a healthy, beautiful smile for you. Before any orthodontic treatment begins you will need to visit your family dentist for a checkup and any necessary dental work. Once orthodontic therapy begins, you will be expected to follow up with your family dentist for regular checkups and routine care.

You deserve high-quality orthodontic treatment, and our team will help keep it affordable for you.

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