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Are Braces Right for My Child?

December 30,2020

Are Braces Right for My Child? If you are concerned about your child’s smile, future and present, braces are an obvious treatment to consider. A misconception held by some is that their use, and main purpose, is purely an aesthetic one. But the conditions that braces can treat are varied and if these are addressed […]


Stop Root Cavities with Prevention and Prompt Treatment

December 24,2020

Tooth decay is a highly destructive dental disease, responsible along with periodontal (gum) disease for most adult tooth loss. And we become even more susceptible to it as we get older. One form of decay that’s especially prominent among senior adults is a root cavity. Similar to a cavity in the crown (visible tooth), this […]


Dental Offices Uphold the Highest Standards for Infection Control

December 14,2020

In our constant battle against infectious disease, the “enemy” is often too close for comfort: hospitals and other medical facilities must be ever vigilant against opportunistic infections their patients may contract while in their care. Dental offices are no exception. Because even the simplest procedure — a dental cleaning, for example — may result in […]


Benefits of Invisalign

December 11,2020

A groundbreaking orthodontic treatment system, Invisalign utilizes a practically invisible and extremely comfortable plastic for their aligners to correct minor to moderate orthodontic concerns. A thorough evaluation with Dr. Jay Ghosh or Dr. Trent Lofgren here at Creekview and McKinney Orthodontics in our McKinney and Allen, TX, office will determine whether you qualify for Invisalign. […]


An Oral Irrigator Could Make Flossing Easier for You

December 4,2020

If we were playing word association with the term “oral hygiene,” you’d probably answer “brushing.” And you would be right—brushing cleans tooth surfaces of accumulated bacterial plaque, a thin biofilm most responsible for dental disease. But brushing is only half of the oral hygiene equation: You also need to remove dental plaque between teeth where […]


Oral Care for Older Adults can be Challenging

November 24,2020

Caring for an elderly parent or family member requires a lot of focus on their health. That includes the state of their teeth and gums, either of which can impact their overall health and quality of life. As we age, our risk of dental diseases like tooth decay or periodontal (gum) disease rises. Loss of […]


3 Reasons for Blood Pressure Checks During Dental Visits

November 14,2020

You may have been surprised by a new addition to your regular dental appointment routine—we took your blood pressure at the start. While you might expect this at a medical clinic, it seems unusual at the dentist’s office. But not anymore: blood pressure checks at dental offices are quickly becoming routine, including during regular cleanings […]


Age Doesn’t Have to Stop You From Straightening Your Smile

November 4,2020

Cowboys wear Stetsons; ballerinas wear tutus; and teenagers wear…braces. At least that’s the popular conception. In actuality, one in five orthodontic patients is an adult, a number that continues to grow. Even adults over fifty are straightening their teeth and improving their smiles. But it’s still a big step and many adults are wary to […]


Here’s How to Cut Through All the Choices to Find Your Right Toothbrush

October 25,2020

Henry Ford famously said a customer could have any color they wanted on their Model T “as long as it was black.” Those days are over—today’s cars and trucks come with a slew of options, and not just their paint color. There’s something else with a wide array of possible options: your choice of toothbrush. […]


Address Your Teeth Grinding Habit Early to Avoid Potential Tooth Loss

October 15,2020

Teeth grinding and other biting habits are more than a nuisance — they can generate twenty to thirty times the forces of normal biting. Over the long term, this can cause significant damage to teeth and supporting gums and bone. This particular kind of damage is known as occlusal trauma (meaning injury from the bite). […]


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