Teen Orthodontics in Allen & McKinney, TX

Teen Orthodontics in Allen & McKinney

This is a time of great enjoyment as we see our young patients blossom into young adults!


By this time, most permanent teeth are present in the mouth – close to their final non-corrected positions. This is typically is the last chance that orthodontists have to influence growth and development.

Most teen patients with bite irregularities will have braces as part of their treatment. Some patients may need rubber bands (elastics) or other bite-correcting appliances.

Our attempt is to place the teeth in their final position within the facial boundaries to maximize the cosmetic and functional results of treatment.

Important decisions such as the removal of teeth vs. expansion of the mouth or orthopedic correction vs. surgery are being made. As part of our conservative approach, we make every attempt to minimize extractions of permanent teeth or facial surgery.

Teens are given choices of different types of braces for style and esthetics and colors that they can have on their braces that make it fun (we change the colors at appointments so they’re not stuck with the same boring color).

Two of our patients (Brooklyn & Bailey) made videos of the day their braces came off. They should give you a good idea of what to expect when you are done with treatment!

With so much going on in a teen’s life, getting metal braces can present serious social challenges. The good news is that Invisalign® Teen now offers a way for teens to enjoy the benefits of straight teeth without dealing with the social stigma associated with brackets and metal wires.

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Bailey Gets Her Braces Off

Invisalign for Teens

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