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Bitewing X-Rays an Important Tool in Early Tooth Decay Detection

September 21,2019

It’s difficult to measure how x-ray imaging has transformed dentistry since its use became prominent a half century ago. As equipment and methods standardized, the technology revolutionized the way we diagnose tooth decay and other mouth-related issues. One of the more useful of these methods is called the bitewing x-ray. The term comes from the […]


Cone Beam X-Rays can Improve Outcomes in Many Dental Situations

September 11,2019

For decades, dental x-rays have helped us accurately diagnose and treat a wide array of dental diseases and conditions. But even with recent advances in digital imaging, the traditional x-ray does have one drawback: its two-dimensional view doesn’t always provide the “big picture” that a three-dimensional viewpoint can provide. But a new type of x-ray […]


Advanced Equipment and Safe Practices Ensure X-Ray Safety for Children

June 13,2019

When it comes to our children’s safety, there isn’t much nowadays that isn’t under scrutiny. Whether food, clothing, toys and more, we ask the same question: can it be harmful to children? That also includes tried and true healthcare practices. One in particular, the routine x-ray, has been an integral part of dental care for […]


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