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  • Orthodontist in Allen TX

    If you’re looking for an orthodontist in Allen, TX, Creekview & McKinney might be a perfect fit for your entire family. Although all orthodontists are dentists, not every dentist is an orthodontist. To discover the difference, and to determine what makes a great orthodontist, start by looking at the additional educational requirements. Top-Notch Orthodontist in […]

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  • Treating a Child’s Tooth Injury May Require Special Consideration

    Often as children grow older, their participation in sports or similar activities increases. While generally encouraged, this greater activity does increase injury risk, especially to the mouth. In fact, the late childhood to early adulthood demographic is the most prone portion of the population to incur dental injuries. To complicate matters, their dental development is […]

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  • New Studies Show: Sealants Could Help Your Child Avoid Tooth Decay

    Your child could hit a speed bump on their road to dental maturity—tooth decay. In fact, children are susceptible to an aggressive form of decay known as Early Childhood Caries (ECC) that can lead to tooth loss and possible bite issues for other teeth. But dentists have a few weapons in their arsenal for helping children avoid […]

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  • Moderate Your Child’s Juice Drinking to Lower Tooth Decay Risk

    Along with daily brushing and flossing, limiting your child’s sugar consumption is an important way to prevent tooth decay. We all know the usual suspects: candy, sugar-added snacks and sodas. But there’s one category you may not at first think fits the profile—juices. But even natural juices with no added sugar can raise your child’s […]

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  • Follow These Common Sense Steps When Your Child has a Toothache

    A child’s toothache is no fun for either the child or the parent. But if you’re faced with this situation, don’t panic — unless they have a fever or you notice facial swelling, it’s unlikely an emergency. Instead, take the following steps: Find out where it hurts and for how long. Tooth pain can stem […]

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  • Advanced Equipment and Safe Practices Ensure X-Ray Safety for Children

    When it comes to our children’s safety, there isn’t much nowadays that isn’t under scrutiny. Whether food, clothing, toys and more, we ask the same question: can it be harmful to children? That also includes tried and true healthcare practices. One in particular, the routine x-ray, has been an integral part of dental care for […]

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  • A Minor Procedure Could Make Breastfeeding Easier for You and Your Baby

    The American Academy of Pediatrics and other healthcare organizations recommend breastfeeding as the best means for infant feeding. While bottle feeding can supply the nutrition necessary for a baby’s healthy development, breastfeeding also provides emotional benefits for both baby and mother. But there might be an obstacle in a baby’s mouth that prevents them from […]

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  • Here’s How You Can Protect Your Child’s Teeth from Tooth Decay

    While dental diseases tend to be a greater concern as we get older, they also pose a potential threat to children. A particular type of tooth decay called early childhood caries (ECC) can severely damage children’s unprotected teeth and skew their normal dental development. Fortunately, you can protect your child’s teeth from disease with a few simple […]

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  • Keep Watch for Bite Problems with your Child’s Teeth

    Around ages 6 to 8, a child’s primary teeth will begin to loosen to make way for their permanent teeth. If all goes well, the new set will come in straight with the upper teeth slightly overlapping the bottom. But sometimes it doesn’t go that well: a child may instead develop a poor bite (malocclusion) […]

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