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Orthodontic Treatment

Correcting a Poor Bite Improves Dental Health as Well as Smile Appearance

October 5,2018

Overbites, underbites, crossbites—these are just a few of the possible malocclusions (poor bites) you or a family member might be experiencing. But no matter which one, any malocclusion can cause problems. Besides an unattractive smile, a malocclusion makes it more difficult to chew and to keep the teeth and gums clean of disease-causing bacterial plaque. Thus correcting […]


3 Reasons Why Orthodontics is Worth the Effort – at Any Age

September 5,2018

Think braces and you may conjure up the image of a teenager undergoing what is for many adolescents a rite of passage. But while correcting poor bites (malocclusions) is usually optimal between pre-adolescence and early adulthood, it’s just as viable an option for older adults. Still, many people in their later years with malocclusions think […]


How to Treat the Problem of Teeth that Never Developed

August 24,2018

About one-quarter of people have teeth that never developed. While most of these congenitally missing teeth are wisdom teeth, they can also include premolars or lateral incisors (the teeth right next to the two front teeth, the central incisors). Missing teeth can have an adverse effect on smile appearance. But that’s not all: because each […]


Dealing with the Reality of Increased Disease Risk with Braces

July 19,2018

Wearing braces is all about the future: you undergo many months of treatment to gain a lifetime of better mouth function and a more attractive smile. In the meantime, though, you’ll have to deal with a few new realities during treatment: restrictions on foods, limitations with mouth function, and (perhaps) embarrassment over your new “metallic” […]


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