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Why choose Invisalign at Creekview & McKinney Orthodontics?

Knowledge: The doctors are ORTHODONTISTS, specialists in moving teeth and jaws. They have years of education past dental school, over 50 years of combined experience and hundreds of hours of continuing education. Moving teeth is ALL they do, not just a small part of what they do along with other dental treatment. Wouldn’t you want your teeth in the care of a specialist?

Experience: The doctors are Diamond Plus Invisalign providers, which means they are in the top 1% or less of Invisalign providers. Their experience with Invisalign is superior, they know which cases to treat, which cases NOT to treat, and how to treat with proper sequencing and priority. Unlike many, the doctors at Creekview & McKinney Orthdontics do NOT delegate planning your treatment to a technician.

Cost: The cost of Invisalign at Creekview & McKinney Orthodontics is often LESS than at other providers, simply because of the volume discount that they receive on the lab bill, which they are happy to pass on to the patient. What many patients also do not know is that the cost of Invisalign at Creekview & McKinney Orthodontics is the SAME as that of braces! It’s a great deal, with many simple financing opportunities.

Am I or is my Child a candidate for Invisalign?

With very few exceptions, all cases that can be treated with braces can be treated with Invisalign. Once again, this is where being an orthodontic specialist makes the difference.

What are the advantages of Invisalign treatment for my child?

  1. Good oral hygiene, better than with braces.
  2. No food restrictions (with braces, you may not eat foods that are hard and sticky).
  3. Fewer visits: Better for busy kids and busy parents. Less time away from school, sports or work.
  4. More comfortable than braces.
  5. More esthetic and does not interfere with speech.
  6. Better for wind instrument players.

What happens if my child loses an aligner? Will I have to pay more?

If your child loses an aligner, because of the way we stage our treatment, they can move to the next number aligner and wear it for a longer while. You do NOT have to pay for the missing or lost aligner.

Can Invisalign be a treatment option for younger children (ages 8 and above)?

Absolutely! It is a proven treatment methodology for younger children and pre-teens to correct crowding, protrusion and some common early problems. Some children cannot handle expanders and have done exceptionally well with aligners.

Our Patients Before and After Invisalign Treatment

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