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Early Orthodontic Treatment Could Lessen Severity of Certain Bite Problems

October 15,2018

You’ve been concerned for some time about your child’s bite, so you’ve visited an orthodontist for an evaluation. Even though your child is quite young and still with primary teeth, the orthodontist recommends they begin wearing a retainer device, with the possibility of braces in a few years. That may at first sound like an […]


Correcting a Poor Bite Improves Dental Health as Well as Smile Appearance

October 5,2018

Overbites, underbites, crossbites—these are just a few of the possible malocclusions (poor bites) you or a family member might be experiencing. But no matter which one, any malocclusion can cause problems. Besides an unattractive smile, a malocclusion makes it more difficult to chew and to keep the teeth and gums clean of disease-causing bacterial plaque. Thus correcting […]


Reduce Future Bite Problems with These Innovative Techniques

September 25,2018

When you think orthodontics, you may instantly picture braces or clear aligners worn by teenagers or adults. But there’s more to orthodontics than correcting fully developed malocclusions (poor bites). It’s also possible to intervene and potentially reduce a malocclusion’s future severity and cost well beforehand. Known as interceptive orthodontics, these treatments help guide jaw growth in children while mouth structures […]


Correct a Cross-Bite by Widening the Upper Jaw with an Expander

September 15,2018

A poor bite (malocclusion) could be more than simply teeth out of alignment. There could be complex causes for the malocclusion, possibly involving the facial bone structure. An example of this is the development of a cross-bite due to problems with the upper jaw and palate (the roof of the mouth), jointly called the maxilla. […]


3 Reasons Why Orthodontics is Worth the Effort – at Any Age

September 5,2018

Think braces and you may conjure up the image of a teenager undergoing what is for many adolescents a rite of passage. But while correcting poor bites (malocclusions) is usually optimal between pre-adolescence and early adulthood, it’s just as viable an option for older adults. Still, many people in their later years with malocclusions think […]


How to Treat the Problem of Teeth that Never Developed

August 24,2018

About one-quarter of people have teeth that never developed. While most of these congenitally missing teeth are wisdom teeth, they can also include premolars or lateral incisors (the teeth right next to the two front teeth, the central incisors). Missing teeth can have an adverse effect on smile appearance. But that’s not all: because each […]


Understanding the Aging Process Leads to More Effective Orthodontics

July 29,2018

If you’ve ever looked at younger photos of yourself, you’re sure to notice differences with your present appearance. Of course, your basic features might appear much the same. But maybe your lips seemed a little thicker back then, or your nose a bit less prominent. This is because your facial features don’t stop growing when […]


Dealing with the Reality of Increased Disease Risk with Braces

July 19,2018

Wearing braces is all about the future: you undergo many months of treatment to gain a lifetime of better mouth function and a more attractive smile. In the meantime, though, you’ll have to deal with a few new realities during treatment: restrictions on foods, limitations with mouth function, and (perhaps) embarrassment over your new “metallic” […]


The Risk for Gum Disease Increases While Wearing Braces

July 9,2018

Your child has had braces for a few months and making good progress with correcting a poor bite (malocclusion), but you’ve also noticed something else: his gums are becoming red and swollen. These are symptoms of gingivitis, a periodontal (gum) disease. It’s an infection that arises when plaque, a thin film of bacteria and food […]


Your Gums May Need a Little Extra Care While You’re Wearing Braces

June 29,2018

While braces improve your mouth function and smile by moving teeth into better positions, they may also adversely affect another part of your oral health — your gums. It’s not uncommon for the gums of braces wearers to become inflamed during treatment. There are a couple of reasons for this happening during orthodontic treatment. The […]


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