Orthodontics for children: How to prepare for Braces Treatment

How to Prepare Your Child for Braces Treatment

orthodontics for children

Is your child about to undergo braces treatment in Texas? Naturally, they may have a lot of questions in their mind. Will it hurt? How long is the treatment going to take? What will their friends think of them?

Orthodontics for children is much different from the ones for adults. As a parent, you have to be by them all throughout their orthodontic journey, so you must also be prepared by researching a lot about it. It’s important that both of you are confident and calm as they begin the treatment process.

Here’s how to prepare orthodontics for children for when they get their braces.

Have a Discussion About the Different Options 

The amount of orthodontic treatment options available can be overwhelming, so it’s best to consult your orthodontist about it. That way, your child also has an idea of what kind of orthodontic treatment they’ll be going through. 

Most orthodontists will recommend traditional metal braces for children as this is the most cost-efficient treatment to straighten your child’s teeth. The fun part about metal braces is that every time they revisit the orthodontist to have their braces readjusted, they get to customize their elastics by choosing their desired color.

Help Them Understand the Treatment Process

Now that they know which orthodontic treatment is going to be done to them, it’s also helpful for them to fully understand the process. By making it easier for them to comprehend, such as visualizing it, they know what to expect. Picture scenarios in their head, such as getting dental x-rays done, how the application of braces will go, and the like.

Additionally, set expectations for them with regard to the pain they might feel while getting braces. That way, they wouldn’t feel overwhelmed or surprised if they experience any unpleasant feelings.

Let them hear your consultation with the orthodontist and allow them to ask any questions they may have.

Spend Time With Them Before the Day of the Treatment

On the day before the treatment, your child may feel anxious or nervous. By spending time with them, you’ll be able to reassure them that everything is going to be alright. Treat them to some of their favorite food that they may not be able to eat throughout the treatment process.

Let them have a fun day to ease up any tension they have. They will feel calmer and more confident on the day they get braces.

Teach Them the Importance of Eating the Right Food

As soon as your child gets braces, they will have to strictly follow the food restrictions as told by the orthodontist. Let your child know that if they eat crunchy, sticky, or chewy food, then they can damage their braces and delay the treatment process.

No child wants to wear braces for too long. By eating the proper food, they’ll be able to avoid negative consequences and have a faster treatment process time. 

Stock Up On Soft Foods

Prior to your child getting the treatment, be sure to fill the pantry and fridge with enough soft food for your child to eat. This includes mashed potatoes, soup, smoothies, and the like. Store away or hide the popcorn, nuts, and other restricted food in order for them not to get tempted. 

Keep the soft foods in sight so that they’re more inclined to eat them instead of foods that are not allowed. 

Explain the Benefits of Braces

A year or two isn’t exactly considered a long time for adults, but it’s a different story for children. It can seem like forever. By reminding them every now and then that braces are temporary and that they’ll have better teeth in no time, is a great way to keep them from feeling discouraged about the treatment.

Explaining the benefits of braces is also helpful to get them excited and anticipate the results of their braces journey.

Establish a Hygiene Routine With Them

When your child is undergoing orthodontic treatment, a proper dental hygiene routine is more important than ever. Brushing and flossing teeth becomes more complicated when braces are worn, and the orthodontist will usually demonstrate the correct way. 

Remind your child to execute the proper way of brushing teeth in braces in order to keep their teeth healthy and fresh, avoiding any cavities or tooth decay while they have their braces on.

Make Sure Orthodontic Wax is Readily Available

The brackets installed can cause irritation inside the mouth, leading to blisters or sores, which can be extremely uncomfortable and painful for your child to experience. 

Having orthodontic wax at bay is helpful in making their braces feel more comfortable and less prone to getting irritated. You can usually ask for some from your orthodontist at zero cost. If not, then you can easily purchase some of the wax at your local pharmacy.

Pay Attention to Their Concerns

It’s natural for your child to feel uncomfortable throughout their braces treatment. By listening to their concerns, you’ll be able to understand them more and help find solutions on how to make their journey more bearable and comfortable.

They may also feel embarrassed about their appearance and don’t know how to voice it out. Ensure your child has a safe space to air out their thoughts so they won’t feel any resentment towards themselves and other people. 

Provide Them With Continuous Support

As a parent, it is your responsibility to continuously support your child throughout the duration of their braces journey. Engage a discussion with them about how they’re feeling about the entire treatment and ask how you can help.

When your child feels that you’re always there for them, then they’ll feel much more confident about the treatment and will even be excited for the results instead of just wishing it to be over already.

orthodontics for children

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