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Best Time to Get Child Orthodontic Treatment in Allen TX

Child Orthodontic Treatment in Allen TX

Orthodontics is a special branch of dentistry that focuses on correcting misaligned teeth and jaws. While correcting teeth and bite alignment is crucial in adults, preventing it while a child’s teeth and jaw are still growing is even more important. This is why parents are encouraged to get child orthodontic treatment in Allen TX for their child as early as possible.

Best Age for Child Orthodontic Treatment in Allen TX

According to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), children’s orthodontic treatment should begin as early as seven years of age, but no later than age ten. This is when most children have a mix of both baby and adult teeth, allowing an orthodontist to evaluate the child’s bite and determine the best treatment plan. Early intervention can help prevent more serious problems from developing later on.

There is no need to worry as visiting an orthodontist at an early age does not automatically mean that your child is going to wear braces. In fact, a vast majority of our patients at Creekview & McKinney Orthodontics who see us for the first time at this age are not ready for treatment or braces. Instead, we begin to follow our young patient’s dental development over time so that when orthodontic treatment or braces may be necessary, it can be started at just the right time.

Our doctors and the orthodontic team can even help you plan out your budget by giving you ample warning before any treatment begins. This makes the child orthodontic treatment in Allen TX more affordable for you, instead of dealing with unexpected or large charges later on.

What are the Early Orthodontic Interventions for Children?

#1 – Orthodontic Monitoring

This is a process of watching the child’s development over time by taking regular X-rays or photographs to document the child’s development. This allows us to predict future problems and take action well ahead of time.

It’s a crucial step in child orthodontic treatment since it allows us to intervene early with corrective interventions if necessary. This way, your child may not need to wear braces in the future and can avoid lengthy and expensive orthodontic treatments.

#2 – Space Maintenance

If a child loses a baby tooth too early, it’s important to fill in the space left behind. Otherwise, the other teeth may shift and crowd the space the lost tooth left. This is why space maintenance is a common early orthodontic intervention. Orthodontists use it on kids to keep their teeth in alignment while they are still growing.

Orthodontists do this by placing a space maintainer in the child’s mouth. This is usually a wire appliance that fits around the child’s teeth and keeps the other teeth from

#3 – Myofunctional Appliances

Child Orthodontic Treatment in Allen TX

Myofunctional appliances are devices that are used to treat conditions caused by incorrect muscle or tongue function. If a child has improper tongue thrust, which is when they press their tongue against the front teeth while swallowing, it can cause their teeth to move out of alignment and lead to other issues.

These myofunctional appliances help kids learn the proper way to swallow so the tongue can rest in the correct position. This helps keep their front teeth in line and prevent further orthodontic problems.

#4 – Palatal Expanders

Palatal expanders are devices that are placed in the child’s mouth and help widen their palate. This is often necessary for children with narrow upper jawbones or crowded teeth. Widening the child’s palate can provide more space for their adult teeth to come in correctly and prevent overcrowding.

#5 – Braces or Invisalign

If other interventions have failed to fix the child’s bite or help their teeth stay in alignment, braces or Invisalign may be the next option. Braces are metal brackets that are attached to the child’s teeth and connected by wires to gently move the teeth into their proper positions.

Invisalign, on the other hand, is a series of clear, removable aligners that are worn over the child’s teeth to gradually move them into alignment. Invisalign is a good option for children who don’t want to wear traditional braces. Most patients also say aligners are more comfortable than metal brackets.

When your child has undergone braces from child orthodontic treatment in Allen TX, you’re guaranteed that the treatment time is significantly less than if the child had waited until adulthood. They will also benefit from the correction and prevention of any problems with their teeth. These include tooth decay and gum disease.

#6 – Propel Orthodontics

Propel Orthodontics in Allen is an innovative procedure that uses gentle vibrations to speed up tooth movement and can reduce treatment time by 50%. This means that your child can have a beautiful smile in half the time with Propel Orthodontics.

In fact, Dr. Trent Lofgren and Dr. Jay Ghosh of Creekview & McKinney Orthodontics introduce the Excellerator™ Series to their child patients. These accelerator drivers create manual dental dimples that stimulate bone remodeling and tissue growth. This makes child orthodontic treatment faster and more effective.

Modern Orthodontics for Kids

Modern orthodontics is now a more comfortable experience for kids. It no longer involves goopy impressions or lengthy waiting times. At Creekview Orthodontics, we use the TRIOS intraoral scanner to get digital 3D impressions of your child’s mouth.

This technology allows us to start, stop, and restart scanning at any time when kids get uncomfortable. It brings high-quality digital impressions that improve diagnostics and communication with our child orthodontic treatment in Allen TX. It also reduces visits and chair time with the easy fit of customized appliances such as Invisalign.

Schedule a Consultation for Child Orthodontic Treatment in Allen TX

Child Orthodontic Treatment in Allen TX

Dr. Trent Lofgren and Dr. Jay Ghosh of Creekview & McKinney Orthodontics pride themselves on providing child orthodontic treatment in Allen TX optimal treatment that is customized to the individual needs of each patient. They understand that no two patients are alike and strive to provide personalized care for each child.

If you’re interested in learning more about our pediatric orthodontic services, contact us today to schedule a consultation. Our Allen, TX office is located at 1780 W McDermott Dr Suite 100, Allen, TX. Our McKinney office is at 2780 Virginia Pkwy Ste 300, McKinney, TX. You can also book a FREE consultation with our orthodontic specialists on our website. We look forward to helping your child achieve a beautiful and healthy smile!

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